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The Best Tactical Backpacks

Best Tactical Backpacks

Check out our guide to selecting the best backpack for your needs. We review what makes a tactical bag great and what you should consider when evaluating a tactical ruck to make sure you end up with the best tactical backpack for your use.

The Best Tactical Watches


Best Tactical Watches

Virtually all soldiers need a good watch that will take a severe beating. In this article, we summed up how to look for the best military watch for your needs and showcased a few of our favorites.

The Best Tactical Vests

best tactical vests and plate carriers

In this article, we look at plate carriers and chest rigs to determine what is the best tactical vest for you.

The Best Tactical Gloves

Tactical Gloves

In this article, we take a look at some of the top tactical gloves on the market. We discuss what you should look for when considering what type of glove fits your needs, and recommend some of our favorite battle-proven options.

The Best Tactical Boots

Best Tactical Boots

Taking care of your feet in critical. Ask any soldier, and they will tell you boots are one of the most important pieces of kit you need to get right. We are here to help you out with a guide to what to look for in a tactical boot, and five can’t go wrong choices.

The Best Tactical Knives

Best Tactical Knives


Best Tactical Flashlights

Best Tactical Flashlight

Flashlights can get a little confusing. Output, brightness (yes, those are different things), durability, form function (weight, shape, etc.) all are important, especially in a tactical light. You want to make sure you have a reliable light source no matter what life throws at you. Check out our guide to the most overbuilt lights on the market, both for mounting on your rifle or pistol, and for general tactical use.

Best Tactical Scopes

Best Tactical Scopes

Best Paracord Bracelets