5 Best Paracord Bracelets 2018: Brace Yourself

There are thousands of situations in which having some paracord make a tremendous difference. Ranging from urgent emergency situations to an added convenience. Under the worst circumstances, a tourniquet may be needed in a hurry to save your life. In better times, paracord can be used for shoelace replacements. Whatever your need, it adds piece of mind to know what you are wearing on your wrist is functional and adds to your capabilities.

Paracord, or 550 cord, is a specific type of type III parachute cord. It is made of nylon, which gives the cord a smooth exterior thanks to the webbing. Inside, the cord is made of 7-9 strands of woven nylon. It is most commonly used to lash items onto backpacks and other bags, but can be used for virtually anything.

These are our favorite on the market right now, and we hope it helps you find the best paracord bracelet for your needs!

CRKT Quick Release Paracord Survival Bracelet

Best Paracord Bracelets - CRKT Quick Release

The CRKT Paracord bracelet is perfect for those that want a blend of practicality and style. The quick release feature makes getting the bracelet off easy and, once off, the paracord unravels for use very quickly by pulling on the two tabs available.The paracord bracelet can be unwrapped in record time, and can easily be reconstructed and rebuilt. There is even a video of how to reweave it on Columbia River’s website. We couldn’t get it quite as tight as it comes from the factory, but as far as rewraps go, it was painless compared to other options.

The quick release aspect of this bracelet isn’t proprietary. You can find this design elsewhere, but CRKT does it really well. It is constructed of 550 paracord. This bracelet was designed by Jason Scarvalas. It comes in two sizes, large and small, in three different colors; black, tan and fuchsia.

The small has about 6.25 feet or paracord and the large size has about 7 feet. While this doesn’t have as much cord as some other bracelets here, the value is in how quickly it can be deployed. The notion is that many paracord objects don’t have the ability unwrap the paracord quickly, which may be a crucial feature in an emergency situation.

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Survival WRAPS Paracord Bracelet

Best Paracord Bracelets - Sharp Survival

The SurvivalWRAPS survival bracelet is a great bracelet that pack a good amount of tools and capability into a tiny package. Starting with the paracord, this survival bracelet comes with over 12 feet wrapped up to convenient package. It doesn’t stop there. The bracelet also has a magnesium fire starting rod, eye knife clasp, and a high quality compass. Unlike some compasses this size, this one actually works and doesn’t feel like a toy.

The sizing is easily adjustable, so they mean it when they say one size fits all. Comes in camo, black and pink, black, and tan. For the money, this is a lot of tools in a very approachable package.

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The Friendly Swede Trilobite Paracord Survival Bracelet

Best Paracord Bracelets - Friendly Swede Trilobite

The Friendly Swede is a no nonsense survival bracelet that packs 11.5 ft of paracord into a bracelet. The heavy duty clasps work well and is easy to operate. The bracelet work best if your wrist circumference is between 7 and 8 inches. It comes in several colorations that are useful and look great. It comes with a lifetime warranty, so this is a no brainer if you just want a bulletproof paracord bracelet. All in, this is a very simple bracelet but is a great way for the money to pack a meaningful amount of paracord.

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Bomber Firestarter Paracord Bracelet

Best Paracord Bracelet - Bomber Firestarter

After succeeding with one of the most successful kickstarter campaigns to build a better bag, Bomber is expanding by offering a bracelet. The interesting thing about this bracelet isn’t the paracord pattern nor the design, but the clasp. As the name suggests, the clasp of the Bomber is a proper firestarter. In order to get to the magnesium firestarter, you will have to take off the protective covering, but it is easy enough.

Aside from the firestarter, this is a straightforward paracord bracelet. The construction quality is good, and the bracelet is made of 3 meters of 550 paracord. One thing to keep in mind is this bracelet only comes in black. Having a firestarter in a well-made bracelet is useful enough to land this bracelet on the top 5 list.

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Last Man Survival Gear Ultimate Paracord Survival Kit Bracelet

Best Paracord Bracelet - Last Man Survival Bracelet

If you’re looking for an all out survival kit on your wrist, the Last Man bracelet is for you. It comes with 30 feet of fishing lines, and includes fishing hooks, bobbers, and sinkers. No, we’re not kidding. Here’s the full list of what is inside this bracelet:

• 1 x 12′ length of nylon paracord cordage
• 1 x Snelled 3/0 offset kale hook with 20″ leader line
• 1 x Snelled #2 offset kale hook with 20″ leader line
• 2 x 1 1/8 inch line swivels
• 1 x 30 ft length 10lb test fishing line
• 2 x 1/2 inch foam bobbers
• 2 x 3/8 inch egg sinkers
• 1 x 2 1/4 inch ferrocerium fire starter rod
• 1 x 2 inch diameter serrated fire striker
• 1 x Dried grass tinder bundle
• 1 x 9 square inch Alcohol pad
• 2 x 1 3/4 inch safety pins
• 1 x Compass (select models)

The Last Man Survival Bracelet is available in a whole host of colors and with or without the compass option.

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