5 Best Tactical Belts 2018: Quality & Dependable Belts

Top Tactical and Gun Belts – 2018

Whenever you are carrying significant weight, be it from a gun, multitool, flashlight, etc, you need a strong belt to help distribute that weight on your hips. The best way to keep all that organized (and your pants up) is a nice rigid belt to help you distribute the weight. Having a robust belt that is stiff enough to help you distribute the weight can make all the difference.

Here are the most important things to look for when searching for the best tactical belt or concealed carry belt for your needs.

  • Width of Belt – Typically, most tactical belts are between 1.25″ and 2″ thick. The thicker the band, the more distributed the weight. One word of caution, make sure your tactical system will work with the belt. That means ensuring your holster, mag pouches, or anything else you are considering attaching to the belt actually will fit with the width of the belt. Your brand new tactical belt won’t be of much use if you can’t even put your holster on it to begin with. The same logic goes for your pants and trousers. Make sure the clothing you wear will accommodate the width of the belt you choose.
  • Rigidity – Look for a stiff belt. Leather belts are often reinforced with a liner or extra thick, and other materials should be very thick and stiff. This will allow a better distribution of weight, but also a smoother draw. You don’t want a saggy belt with slack when you are trying to draw your weapon.
  • Materials – What material do you want? This depends on how you will use the tactical belt, as well as personal preference.
  • Buckle – Think about what type of closure you want on your belt. Some belts will support other functions like repelling, but in general, the belt needs a closure that helps keep your pants up and support the added weight of whatever you are carrying.

In this article, we will go through several types of tactical belts and give you recommendations for some of our favorite models.

5.11 TDU

5.11 TDU Belt - Best Tactical Belt

This is a straightforward but quality tactical belt. Nothing more, and certainly nothing less. The TDU belt is made by 5.11, one of the leaders in the tactical gear industry. With the TDU, 5.11 has made a simple but well made piece of kit that can handle most things you will throw at it. In fact, the beauty of this belt is its simplicity. It is 1.5″ and the non-metallic buckle is easy to use. In fact, there is no need to take it off at airports because it won’t set off metal detectors. Another benefit is we were easily able to pass this belt through most pants, even casual jeans with little effort. The ergonomics of the belt are basic, but do the job. In fact, this belt could easily double as rigging if you needed to tie something down in your truck.

This affordable belt is a no frills but highly capable belt. The ripstop nylon is more than tough enough and the operation is simple. Check it out if you’re the type that likes a straightforward option that gets the job done.

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Elite Survival Systems CO Shooter’s Belt

Best Tactical Cobra Belt - CO Shooter's Belt

This style of belt is the most hardcore on this list. The Cobra buckle system from AustriAlpin is incredibly popular in the industry for good reason. As a load bearing fastener, the Cobra is constructed of 7075 aluminum and are tested to 11 kilonewtons (kN), or over 2,400 lbs. Safe to say, this thing has your back even if you are unexpectedly repelling off the Empire State Building. After all, you never know, right? But in all seriousness, the Cobra fastener is really effective. It is easy to open quickly, but also won’t open if it is supporting a load. One potential downside is they are not exactly small, so depending on what pants you have and what setup you’re running, it can be difficult to run through belt loops and not have to detach the buckle.

This 1.5 inch thick nylon belt is made with pride in the United States, and for the money, it is the best way to get into a Cobra equipped belt. The belt has a core that prevents twisting and is very rigid, is velcro adjustable, and comes in black and coyote tan.

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Blackhawk QCB Rigger’s Belt

Best Tactical Belts - Blackhawk CQB Rigger Belt

Definitely one of the most popular tactical belts, the Blackhawk CQB/Rigger’s belt is MIL-standard certified and built with parachute-grade buckles and adapters for unparalleled strength and support. The belt comes with 1.75 inch wide nylon webbing that has a tensile strength of 7,ooo pounds (except in the Multicam pattern, which has a 5,000 pound rating). The Rigger’s belt comes in black, olive drab green, desert sand brown, multicam, and coyote tan.

The belt is secured with a hook and loop running end, and stays put. Further, the parachute-grade buckles and adapters meet PIA-H-7195 standards and are good to go for being able to support weight and will keep your items securely on your hip.

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UTG Heavy Duty Elite Law Enforcement Pistol Belt with Dual Mag Pouches

Best Tactical Belts - UTG

When most think of a tactical belt, this is what comes to mind. This belt is designed specifically for law enforcement and military applications. As such, it is sturdy with a hook and loop adjustment and a quick release buckle system. The 2 inch belt is reinforced and double stitched and the belt includes two pistol magazine pouches. The detachable belt keepers are decent, if a bit stiff the first time you use them.

The real selling point on this belt is how much it actually does for how inexpensive it is. Cheaper than a few lattes, this will impress you with how much this will do for so little. The belt isn’t the best built piece in the world, but it is absolutely a great value if you don’t need to repel off a skyscraper Die Hard style. If you want something to fulfill the role of duty belt for law enforcement, take to the gun range, hunting, or playing airsoft, this belt is a great option.

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Hanks Gunner Belt

Best Concealed Carry Belt - Hank's Gunner

Although this is an article tactical belts, we’re including one on the list for the concealed carry crowd. This belt is made in the US or high quality leather that is 1.5 inches thick and almost a quarter inch thick. And just because it is great leather made in the USA, that doesn’t mean you will balk at the price. In fact, this belt is made by Amish craftsmen and guaranteed for 100 years with the warranty.

This belt is heavy duty enough to fully carry you daily loadout with ease. The buckle is removable and fastened with Chicago screws, so it is plenty sturdy. If you’re looking for the best concealed carry belt on the market, this is a contender to be sure. It looks great in virtually any environment and is virtually indestructible.

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